April, 2014

Municipal Finance Today

Some articles worth perusing today for those that, like us, are all about municipal finance and municipal bonds in Indiana.

The Week in Public Finance over at Governing recaps quite a few national bond related stories.

MSRB has proposed new regulations for municipal advisors, namely professional qualifications and registrations.   Watch for more detail as these regulations become firm over the next six months.

Are Indiana’s tax caps causing municipalities to compete with each other?   “Justin M. Ross, assistant professor of public finance at Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, painted that dismal picture at the Chancellor’s Commission for Community Engagement spring gathering at Indiana University Northwest.”

In most Indiana counties, tax bills are being mailed or will be in the next couple weeks.   This is a great improvement from the years when tax bills were delayed and government entities had to borrow while awaiting tax distributions.   Although some may argue there’s a long way to go, it’s worth pausing to consider the good news of on time billings this year too.

Indiana Municipal Advisors – Cender and Company

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