Indiana municipal budgets

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As the year comes to a close, many counties in the State are receiving their 1782 Notices and we should be seeing the first budget orders next week as well.   A question arose last week about why some counties are running so far ahead of others.

The Department of Local Government Finance obviously has to await the completion of the budget approval and adoption process that every municipality completes in the fall each year.  It is our understanding then that the DLGF uses the date on which the county certified Net Assessed Values to the State to determine the order of budget reviews.

Some counties frankly need to step up the process and meet the August deadlines for certifying to the State.  Others are meeting or even in a few cases exceeding the deadlines.  There are a host of other possible hold-ups along the way, and in defense of Assessors that may find themselves questioned for delays, both the Auditor and the Assessor have a hand in hitting these key deadlines.

Happy New Year

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